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Dear NH,
I removed linoleum from my bathroom floor. Some of the old paper backing is still stuck to the floor. I have really used a lot of 'elbow grease' in attempting to remove it. But, it's tough. Since it seems to be on there really solid and I am replacing the old linoleum with 1/4" x 12" x 12" tile, is it really necessary to remove it?
LW from Mt. Vernon, WA

With large ceramic tiles, it is very important that the floor be level so that the tiles don't "rock". Otherwise, they may eventually crack. You can easily tell if the residue left on the floor is a problem by simply placing a few tiles here and there and seeing if they are solid.

If you are intent not to waste more time on the old floor and the amount of rocking is very slight, use "thinset" to glue the tiles down. Thinset is a Portland cement product that dries very hard, so it will support the tiles and resist cracking on a slight "lump" better than any premixed "mastic" tile adhesive or construction adhesive.

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