Dead Ford Windstar

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hi Bob.
I have a Ford 1995 Windstar Minivan and am very disappointed in it. I have been trying to find information to learn more about this vehicle like the number of sensors, and any other "diagrams" showing all the parts and functions, because, honestly, I've been getting ripped off.

Here's the problem. It won't start at all. Not a sound. I'm stumped. The manual doesn't tell you what to do. Also, when my alarm goes off, it makes a "dying" sound, as though the batteries are wearing out. Any suggestions (troubleshooting techniques and/or links) would definitely be appreciated! Thanks.

It would sound like you have a dead battery. Now, the battery may be dead due to a bad alternator or something else that is draining it (like that alarm). Most after market alarms when not installed properly will drain a battery.

One way to find out is to first charge up the battery. Once it is fully charged, with the negative battery cable removed, place a non powered test light between the negative terminal and the cable. If the test light glows brightly, you have a current leak. Something is draining your battery.

I would target the alarm first then move off to other systems. Pull one fuse at a time until you see a change in the light. This will help you narrow down what circuit is causing the troubles.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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