Get Rid of Lice for Good!

by Monica Resinger

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A couple of years ago, my daughter had the misfortune of getting lice. It was a terrible experience that I hope none of you have to go through, but if you do get them, I'd like to give you three tips that helped me rid lice for good. When you buy the lice treatment, please follow the instructions included for treating lice and cleaning your home, then use my tips as additional measures to ensure you have rid them for good.

First off, I'd like to add that they can be extremely hard to get rid of so don't feel like a failure if you have tried to get rid of them and it didn't work. I had an extremely hard time getting rid of them - so hard that I finally visited our doctor to find out how to get rid of them for good.

TIP #1: His first recommendation was to get a metal, fine-toothed comb to comb the lice out rather than using the comb provided in the lice shampoo package. It is imperative to get every single egg out of the hair so you have to be meticulous. The metal combs are sturdier and the teeth are spaced closer together so you will have a better chance of getting them all. If you don't see these combs in the lice section, ask the pharmacist. They are expensive, but worth it. Don't think like I did... The lice box says it kills lice and their eggs so I thought if I didn't get every one, they would be dead anyway... wrong... you need to get them all out just in case one survives. It may take a long time to do this especially if your daughter has long hair as mine did, but it will save you hours of time later by ridding it for good.

TIP #2: My doctor then told me the most helpful thing anyone could ever learn about lice, and for this reason, I can't understand why this isn't told to us parents! (Maybe because the lice product companies want to sell as much as they can.) What he told me was that full-strength vinegar dissolves lice eggs! I took this to heart and knowing that vinegar can actually be good for your hair, I had my daughter and the rest of my family (even though we didn't have them) rinse their hair with it after every shampoo. I still have my daughter do it as a precaution. I figure if one lice bug were to get in her hair and lay eggs in a day, the vinegar she uses to rinse her hair should dissolve them out before they can hatch! So far, so good!

TIP #3: Lastly, I had heard that blow-drying hair will help; I think because they don't like heat or styling products (probably why I didn't get it). So, we began blow-drying my daughter's hair every morning after her shower.

By following the cleaning regimen like the lice shampoo instructions tell and following the tips above, we finally got rid of lice for good. Remember to have your children keep their hair up in ponytails or braided if it is long and tell them to never share combs, brushes, barrettes (or other hair things), hats, coats or other clothing when they go to school, daycare or other place with lots of children. Please spread these tips in an effort to help battle this epidemic! Thank-you!

Monica Resinger is a loving wife and doting mother of two who enjoys gardening, painting, dancing and homemaking. You can check out some of her other articles at

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