Space Bedroom

by Kathleen Wilson

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My 8 year old daughter Kayla just happened to be studying the solar system this week, and sparked my imagination into a space bedroom, so if you have a budding astronaut at your house, this is for you!

Like many of my projects, first off is paint. Paint the entire room, including the ceiling, a deep blue. Sponge some stars all over the walls and ceiling with glow in the dark paint, which you can get at any craft store. You'll get the best effect if you vary the size of the stars, and don't try to space them evenly, nothing in nature is symmetrical. You can either buy pre cut star sponges from the craft store, cut your own stars from a household sponge, or you can get compressed cellulose sponge from the craft store for a more precise star. The compressed sponge comes flat like cardboard, you cut it into the shape you desire, then soak it in water and it magically expands. My kids fight over who gets to perform the magic!

Get colored poster board to cut out your planets, and hang from the ceiling with a tack and thread. You could use Styrofoam balls, but I find them hard to color, and too heavy for a tack. A great little touch to the posterboard planets would be to get a glow in the dark marker and outline the craters, land mass, eye in Jupiter, etc…. A great web resource to research you solar system is

A blue or yellow comforter cover can be made out of two sheets sewn together and left open at one end to insert the old comforter. Shaped pillows made out of scrap fabric or felt are a great detail, star, moon, sun, etc…

For window covering, you could have something as simple as dark blue curtains to match the walls, to a roller shade customized to match the walls when it's closed. How would you do that? You can buy adhesive backed roller shades at the craft store-you cut a piece of dark blue material to fit, press it to the adhesive, then stamp with glow in the dark stars to match the walls. You could also stamp the curtains with the stars…be sure the paint is meant for fabric, and heat set it for 20 minutes in the dryer if you plan on washing it.

If you happen to have a woodworker in the house, or have access to a jigsaw, you could make a headboard in a simple space shape out of plywood or scrap wood…how about a rocket? At least 1/2 inch is necessary, if it's large, try 3/4 inch wood. Remember, safety is a number 1 priority in a child's room, so use your common sense. Bolt it to the wall if necessary to keep it from accidentally falling on a child. Paint with craft paint, and sandwich between the wall and the bed. You could also use foam core board, and cut it with a sharp utility knife.

As for accessories, pick up those gold stars teachers use from your local dollar store, and use them to dress up the room with detail. Gold paint pens can be used on furniture to add the glitter, use your imagination, and get your child involved…you'd be surprised how innovative they can be!

Kathleen Wilson is the Owner /Editor of The Budget Decorator, a free ezine dedicated to helping "budget impaired" home decorators achieve the home of their dreams! See more archived projects and her course schedule at

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