Engine Break-In Oil

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

I have heard it said to change the oil in a new car at the 500 mile point to get rid of any small metal particles due to new engine break-in. My new Toyota makes no mention of any type of break-in. What is your opinion on new car break-in actions.

This is something that I am on the fence about. In old days, you had to change the oil at 500 miles because they used a "break in" oil instead of regular oil. The auto manufactures have stopped this practice many years ago.

However, there is some validity to your statement "of removing the tiny particles". Some engines today are made to very tight tolerances, and it would be expected to get some break in wear. But, manufacturing practices as well as materials have come along way over the years.

With all that said, on a brand new car, this is what I have done, personally, on my new car: At the 1500 mile mark, I changed the oil and switched over to full synthetic. Then, at every 3000 miles, I change the oil (again using full synthetic). The car has over 35,000 miles with no problems (as it should with such little mileage). My goal in this strategy is to cure late in life engine failure which usually is due to early in life engine wear. The reason that I chose 1500 miles, is because engine will not break in with synthetic oil. This is the mileage interval that others in the industry have said equates to a fully broken in engine. You can try switching earlier, but I make no guarantees that the rings have been fully seated.
Good Luck!
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Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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