An idea handed down by our Grandmothers

Taking the Mystery out of Once a Month Cooking

by Heidi Sheffey

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Coming home to a month's worth of meals is very appealing to most families and although the idea has been handed down from generation to generation by our grandmothers. today's technology has made it easier for us with over a million recipes being exchanged on the internet by website and email. Most cooking and recipe websites have a search button. Using the keywords "freezes well" and "freezer" always brings big results for me and saves time when looking for recipes suited for bulk cooking.

Getting started in cooking by the batch is easier than most would think. All you need is a copy of the food pyramid, a list of your family's nutritional needs, and multiply it by 31 and you are there. What could be easier and more money saving than making a grocery list based on suggested healthy servings?

However if you love to cook, then use a servings calculator online to help you with the math of doubling and tripling those family recipes. is sure to have your family favorites listed and all of their recipes can be converted to different serving sizes.

Calculate the space in your freezer and find the container sizes that best suit your needs and let the cooking begin. Any representative of Tupperware will be happy to guide you through this process.

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Don't have all the large baking pans you need for taking on your first OAMC session? Try shopping your local thrift store and frequenting yard sales in the summer to buy these items for pennies on the dollar.

Some once a month cooking veterans recommend sending the children to visit Grandma for the big day. In my experience, it has given me great joy to teach my children how to cook and to save money in the process by shopping in bulk. You're teaching them life skills.

Go ahead and have hubby bring home pizza or make one with the kids after your first batch cooking experience. Particularly if you have never boiled a chicken and picked off the pieces.This is a learning experience and you don't want to overwhelm yourself on your first mission. But next time pull something out the freezer. Because that's what it's all about. You earned it.

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