Cheap Wallpaper Treatments

by Pearl Sanborn

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Today wallpaper comes in every color, style, shape, and theme imaginable, but it can be very expensive! Giving your room a facelift and trying to save money at the same time, makes wallpaper almost out of the question. And then other factors also come into play. What if you're renting, or maybe a military family? Why would you want to put that kind of money into a home that you will only be in for a short while?

Here is a technique that appears to be wallpaper, but is actually just cheap fabric and liquid starch!

  1. First, choose the color, texture, and theme that you want to achieve in your room.
  2. Then, find a fabric that not only matches those three criteria, but one that also has a pattern on it. It could be strawberries, teacups, roses, vegetables, houses, etc.
  3. Cut the patterns out of the fabric.
  4. Dip them into liquid fabric starch, and apply them to your wall. Use a damp cloth to make sure all air bubbles are out, and that excess starch is removed.
  5. Allow to dry.

When you are ready to change the look or move to a new house, just peel the pieces of fabric off the wall and wipe clean! You may need to apply a mist of water first, but in most cases they come right off when you peel them! You can even save them to reuse in your next decorating project!

Here are some other ideas for fabric wall decor:

  • Use stripes for a border effect>
  • Lace for a whole section of a wall
  • No-sew quilt to cover a problem area on the wall
  • Tea cups with lace edging for a cupboard effect
  • Roses around a window for a planted garden effect
  • Apply a large rectangle of fabric surrounded by molding, then hang a picture in the middle for a very expensive paneled wall look!

Because you can find beautiful fabric for $1 per yard at super centers like Wal-Mart, who knows what kinds of lovely ideas you could create! The ideas are endless!

Pearl Sanborn is the Editor of Live Way Better for Far Less With. Visit her website at You'll find information on homesteading, cottage gardening and frugal Living. Get Your FREE Newsletter overflowing with goodies like today's article! Copyright (c) of Pearl Sanborn

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