Timing Sales

by Christiane E.

Being aware of future sales could prove to save money now I wanted to tell you about one of your tips that I used - the one to buy off-season. Last summer we bought a new dining table (hopefully the first and last we will ever buy), and it can be unfolded to a length of more than 3 yards. Usually we don't unfold it, and our old tablecloths fit ok. But we didn't have a tablecloth for the long version, so we decided to ask hubby's parents to give us one for Christmas. They love to give household items, and we needed one, so this was a perfect match.

But then I remembered all of the Stretcher advice of buying off season. In Germany we have the "Winterschlussverkauf", which is a two-week textile sale during the last week of January and the first week of February. Even the mail order warehouses do it, and my mother-in-law always gets a mail order catalog for household textiles. I knew from recent years that they have considerable discounts during "Winterschlussverkauf." So I asked my in-laws if we could buy those tablecloths later, since we aren't children any more and don't need the gift under the Christmas tree. We got a very nice handcrafted gift certificate from them on Christmas day.

And as I had predicted, in January the very tablecloths we wanted were on sale for 50% of the price we would have paid in December. My in-laws bought two of them, plus matching cotton napkins for 12 people, so we are now equipped very well for family gatherings. We had planned to ask for the second tablecloth this year, but now we don't even have to wait that long.

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