Where Did All the Time Go?

by Gregory Thomas

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Has the repetition of daily life jammed you into auto pilot? Do you find yourself constantly saying 'Where did all the hours of the day go?'. Here's the deal. Time is our most important asset. Without it, we do not exist, we can accomplish nothing. Fact is, you and only you make the decisions of what to do with the time you have. Period. There are a whole 24 hours in a single day, why is it then, the day passes by in a blink of an eye, occasionally with little accomplished on our part?

Months pass like weeks, weeks like days, hours like minutes. It's imperative to know how you manage the time in your day. If you adopt the notion that you are in control of your time, you WILL accomplish what you want, when you want. The more efficient you are with your time, the more productive you will be and the more work you will get done. Start now by following these efficiency steps and maximize the time in your day.

A Time Log

How can you improve time management unless you know how you are spending your time? Simply carry a small pocket sized notepad around with you for a couple days. Log the various activities you do throughout the day. From the time you get up until the time you go to bed, write down everything you do. You will then be able to see how and where you are spending the time in your day.

Set Your Priorities

Prioritize the things you have to do on a scale of importance. What is most important? What is least important? List them in order of importance. This way, you will visually be able to see what needs to be done, and in what order.

Plan Your Day

Nothing can be better than having a plan for every day. In other words, a plan for what you are going to accomplish on that particular day. What is the most important thing you need to do today? This is what you have to decide. What can you accomplish in the morning before work? Chores and errands that need to be taken care of after work. What else? Be productive.

One thing to remember, try not to overload yourself with too many things to do. This will only cause you frustration and make it seem like its a lost cause. Complete one task at a time and then move on to the next item of business.

Review Your Plan

Look over what you've planned. How does it look? It's important to plan the day in order to maximize the time you have. For example, if you are going into town to drop some mail off, take care of other errands that need to be done. You'll save a ton of time if you take care of a number of errands in one trip.

End of the Day

If there is one time saving tip that you take away from this article, use this one. At the end of every day, plan out your "agenda" for the next day. Nothing complicated. Nothing elaborate. Just small notes reminding you what needs to be done the following day. When you wake up in the morning, you will already have a plan to keep you focused on the task(s) that need to be done. The more efficient you are with your time, the more productive you will be and the more work you will get done.

In most cases, feeling organized goes hand in hand with being organized, and being organized allows you to get more work done in the time you have. Think of it this way, with all that "extra" time you'll have, you can take a nice nap in a cozy hammock after a good dinner. Sounds good doesn't it?

Gregory Thomas is the Editor of SavingSecrets.com, your online mone-saving resource. Hop over to their web site to find money-saving articles, a bi-weekly "Money Saving Tips" newsletter and even a Ebook download titled "Coming Up With Some Xtra Cash". Don't wait another day! Copyright 1998-2001 by SavingSecrets.com

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