Cleaning Popcorn Ceilings

Dear NH,
What is a good way to clean cob-web's from a "popcorn" ceiling?
VA from Boulder Creek, CA

Sprayed acoustic ceilings are relatively fragile, especially if they have never been painted over. They cannot be washed and the bits of texture have a tendency to fall off. More than one of my clients has complained about texture in their soup!

The absolutely best way is to vacuum the cobwebs off. Cobwebs tend to be rather "greasy" since they catch all sorts of air-borne dust and cooking smoke. I avoid using any sort of dusting rag or cloth because rubbing them onto the ceiling can cause marks that are difficult to remove.

The second best choice would be to use a feather duster, but being careful to lift the cobwebs from the ceiling. Remove the cobwebs from the feather duster before doing any other dusting or they may leave marks elsewhere!

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