Fantastic Fundraising Ideas

by Kathleen Bieke

Here's a scenario for you. You are enjoying a nice leisurely breakfast on Saturday morning when the doorbell rings. You figure it's a friend of your child so they run to the door. You see a cute little kid standing there with such a hopeful look on their face. Surely they must be asking your child if they can play! Nope- they want money-YOUR money. What to do?

If you are tired of the same old pleas for money, get involved and you can choose the fundraisers for your school. The site is easy to use and you can select the group that best represents your organization. A lot of the content is free. For example, Cheerleaders can choose from companies that have a product to sell, visit cheerleading related links or go to the Do-It-Yourself center for some fantastic ideas that allow you to keep all the profit for your group.

Their other Site Options section has a variety of fun, free web links. The sites they mention are family friendly too. The Fun and Games page has links for (what else) fun. The Candy Stuff link has many different candy related items. Most are recipe sites including Recipe Source, which boasts 1000 candy recipes.

This site is way too big to feature every aspect of it. Suffice to say that you definitely want to check it out so you can have some input into the next fundraising drive. Be sure to forward this to other parents, teachers, scout leaders, etc. They'll appreciate not having to sell the same old thing!

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