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Silencing Squeaks?

I need help! I have a rocker glider that is squeaking terribly. We have tried WD-40, but it didn't work. We also used Vaseline to try to stop it, and baby powder (not all at once though). Nothing is working. What do people do to eliminate pesky squeaks?

New Part Know-How

Just wanted to let you know it might not be fixable. I had the same problem. The glider we received as a gift for our new baby boy started squeaking after about a month. We tried everything. It would be okay for a while and then start again. We finally took it apart and found out the roller bearings were bad. We were told by Meijers department store that gliders are seasonal and we had waited too long to get another one.

Try Better Lubricant to Silence Glider Squeak

A common misconception is that WD-40 is a lubricant. It is not. WD-40 will clean and protect the area, and provide some light lubrication, but it's not a lubricant. What Michelle should use is a silicone spray. It's a very good lubricant, and much better for this purpose than WD-40.

Quick and Easy

All you need to do is spray your rocker with Pam cooking spray.

Powdered Graphite for Metal

Use powdered graphite on metal to metal parts. It comes in tubes and can be squirted. Use bar soap on any wood contact. It works wonders on dresser drawers.

Good Results with White Lithium Grease

The only thing that "stops" my car doors and my old metal glider from squeaking is "White Lithium Grease". It is in a spray can, and is thick white grease. If your glider is a wooden one, get some drawer lube. I have some generic brand that an antique dealer gave me, which works great for windows, drawers, or anything wooden. My car doors don't squeak again for about a year after an application

Paraffin is preferred

We had the same problem and took our rocker into the furniture store and they put paraffin on it! You can buy the same stuff (wax) in blocks for use in canning at any large department store.

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