Calculating Fuel Mileage

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

My van seems to be using a lot more fuel lately. How do I figure out what kind of mileage I am getting to a tank full of gas? Thanks for your help.

The easiest way to figure out gas mileage is this... Go to your favorite gas station and fill up the tank. While the tank is being filled, reset your trip meter. Now drive around as you normally would. When you need gas again, go to the same station (and even the same pump if possible). Fill up the tank again. The reason I say go to the same pump, is because gas pumps have an auto shut off when the tank reaches a certain pressure. You want the tank to be filled the same way. Now, take note of the mileage you have driven. Also take note of how many gallons went into your car. Divide the miles by the gallons, and that is your fuel economy since your last fill up in miles per gallon. I would do this for at least 3 fill ups in a row. Then average them together.

Would you like to hear something funny? Since I have been driving a car, and paying via credit card, I actually right the mileage accrued on the receipt that has the amount of fuel dispensed. It also has the date stamped on it from the machine. I guess I am a bit weird about this, but I can tell you my exact fuel economy for any of my vehicles at any time that I have owned it.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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