The Romance Survival Kit

by Michael Webb

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Athena and I are rarely apart. I'm grateful for that. Some couples aren't that fortunate. Many people are separated often because of their jobs. Others begin their relationship apart as in the case when you meet someone over the Internet or on vacation.

If you and your sweetheart are distanced from time to time you might want to think about creating a romance survival kit. It's a way to help your loved one remember you when many miles are separating the two of you.

Here are some suggested items to include. You can probably come up with dozens more that would be meaningful to your relationship.

  • A photo of you, pets, children, house or whatever else is special.

  • A scent of your perfume/cologne on a pillowcase

  • A tin of his or her favorite goodies made just for them.

  • A prepaid calling card. Email is great but it doesn't compare to hearing your voice.

  • A love letter (hand written on stationary) that they can read over and over again.

  • A paper chain (that's an idea in my book) to count down the days until you are back together.

You can read more long distance ideas at: Michael Webb is the author of The RoMANtic's Guide: Hundreds of Creative Tips for a Lifetime of Love. You can order at or for 1000s more of Michael's free tips, visit

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