Grow a Recipe Garden

by Pearl Sanborn

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a several acre spread to grow your own vegetable garden. A container, soil and some seeds are all you need to get started. Today, rather than telling you how to grow each variety of vegetable, I would like to fuel your imagination for a different type of garden - a recipe garden. I call this type of garden a "recipe garden" because all of your home grown ingredients for a recipe are harvested from one pot!

Not only does this type of garden save time and space, but it makes for a beautiful inexpensive patio container!

Here's how to get started:

  • Think about some of your favorite recipes.

  • Write down all of the ingredients that you can grow.

  • Think about how often you cook these recipes.

  • How much space do you have to devote to your recipe gardens?

  • Look through seed catalogues for your seeds.

Now comes the time to actually plant your container gardens. You can use any type of container for your gardens, as long as it has some sort of drainage. Some things you could use for your garden are: an antique bathtub, a wooden box, a tin can, a small baby tub, a plastic five gal bucket, a trash can, a wagon, a larger fish tank or a basket.

I like to fill the bottom half of the container with a lightweight material such as leaves or recycled packing peanuts to make it easier to move around. Not only does this save your back and add in the drainage process, but it also saves money when it comes to buying your soil!

The only thing left to do is to plant your seeds according to the instructions on the packet. Obviously, you will want to keep your plants fed and watered as needed.

Here are some "Recipe Garden" ideas:

Salsa Garden:

Jalapeno Peppers
Tomatoes (I use green and ripe tomatoes for a nice flavor)
Different Kinds of Sweet Peppers

Salad Garden:

Baby Carrots
Different kinds of lettuce (Lettuce comes in many colors and textures.)

Spaghetti Sauce Garden:

Peppers (red/green)

Pesto Garden:


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