Cutting hair at home

My Story:
Summer Buzz Cuts

contributed by Jennifer

Summer is a time for short, easy haircuts for my family! I used to take my son every six weeks for a $10 haircut ($85 annually) plus the time and effort to go to the hair salon, wait for an opening, deal with the "stylist", etc. And my husband's cuts probably cost around $15 for an annual cost of $130. So between their hair cuts and mine, we were spending close to $400 per year!

This spring my husband suggested we start cutting hair at home using the clippers we have had for years. He did our son's first and it looked great. The short cut really made his blue eyes noticeable! Once I saw how easy it was, I even cut my husband's curly, slightly graying, and slightly balding hair. Much to my surprise, as I have no formal training, it looked nice too!

I have my son sit on a chair, preferably outside close to an electrical outlet. Then, I put a towel around his shoulders and have a wastebasket handy. Using the middle-sized guard that comes with the clippers, I have him point his head down so his chin is resting on his chest. (The guard ensures that all the hair is cut to one length). Then I start from the neck and clip up to the crown, emptying the cut hair into the wastebasket as I go. The clippers do all the work! I do this all the way around until it is uniform. Next, I take the guard off and trim just the neckline and around the ears. Finally, I take a pair of scissors and cut any small hairs I might have missed. It takes less than fifteen minutes and he loves his "buzz cut."

But, what about my hair? No, no buzz cut for me! In fact, I'm going in the opposite direction. I used to have short hair that required trims every six weeks costing about $35 each or $300 per year. I have since decided to grow my hair longer and just keep the bangs trimmed. It costs $5 at the local chain hair salon for a "bang job" or I just cut them myself. I think it looks just as nice, I have more style choices and feel younger with longer hair!

So invest in some good clippers and enjoy clipping the costs of hair cuts from your budget!

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