Reducing the Cost of Office and School Supplies

by Naomi Knudsen

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Ben Franklin once said, "A penny saved is a dollar earned." Here are some tips for saving some pennies and maybe a few dollars by reducing the costs of those supplies for school or the office.

Tip 1 - Take inventory of what supplies you already have and keep them all in a designated area, so you can find them when you need them.

Tip 2 - A three-ring binder from the last school year or tossed by a business or one from a conference can be salvaged and disguised if necessary with stickers or contact paper.

Tip 3 - Many businesses give away pens, pencils and other school supply goodies. Be sure to stash these with your supplies.

Tip 4 - In late summer, stores offer sales, rebates and coupons on school and office supplies. Try to stock up on what you will need and avoid paying full price later.

Tip 5 - Children usually come home from that first day back at school with a list of needed supplies. Avoid frustration and wasted money by waiting for that list before purchasing more specific school supplies. Otherwise, you may find yourself with unneeded items or items that aren't quite the right thing.

Tip 6 - If you will need a backpack, check out garage sales during the summer. Be sure to buy a sturdy, good quality one, however, because these items take a lot of abuse during a school year.

Tip 7 - Many office supply stores will give discounts if you buy something in bulk. In order to purchase enough to get a bulk discount, buy enough printer paper, ink cartridges, etc. to last you for the year, or get together with friends, family members, or business colleagues who need the same supplies that you need.

Tip 8 - Check out the prices of the office supplies you need at the discount clubs such as Sam's or Coscos. Sometimes, you can find good prices on office needs there.

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