Mix-and-Match Soup

by Deborah Taylor-Hough

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Many people I've talked with lately have expressed concern about the future of our food supplies and how to effectively make use of their food storage.

The following recipe is not only easy and delicious, it's also a simple way to use canned, dried, and other easily stored food items in a delicious homemade soup (Excerpted and adapted with permission from Mix and Match Recipes: Creative Ideas for Busy Kitchens by Deborah Taylor-Hough.)

Mix-and-Match Soup (8 generous servings)

Broth (choose one)

Tomato: One 12-ounce can of tomato paste plus two 16-ounce cans of tomatoes with juice (chopped) plus water to equal 10 cups total

Chicken/Turkey: 10 cups broth or 4 bouillon cubes dissolved in 10 cups of water

Beef: 10 cups broth or 4 bouillon cubes dissolved in 10 cups of water

Protein (choose one -- 1 pound or 2 cups, cooked)

Ground beef, browned
Leftover meatballs or meatloaf, chopped
Cooked chicken or turkey (cut up)
Ham (cut up)
Frankfurters, sliced (or any sausage or Kielbasa)
Pepperoni, sliced
Beans, cooked or canned (pintos, kidney, Great Northern, etc.)

Grain (choose 1 or 2 for a total of 2 cups)

Rice, cooked (any variety)
Barley, cooked
Pasta, raw
Dumplings (add near end of cooking time)

Vegetables (raw, cooked or canned, choose 2 or more for a total of 1 to 2 cups)

Green beans
Peas or pea pods
Bell pepper
Zucchini (add raw)

Seasonings (choose 2 to 4 spices, 1 to 2 teaspoons each)

Cayenne (dash)
Onion powder

To Prepare Soup:

Bring the broth to a boil in a large stockpot or Dutch oven. Add all of the ingredients and salt and pepper to taste. Reduce heat and simmer one hour.

Slow Cooker Prep:

Pour the boiling stock and other ingredients into a slow cooker and simmer for 8 to 12 hours or overnight on LOW setting.

Deborah Taylor-Hough is the author of the bestselling Frozen Assets: Cook for a Day, Eat for a Month and A Simple Choice: a practical guide for saving your time, money and sanity. She also edits the Simple Times email newsletter. To subscribe, visit Debi online at: thesimplemom.wordpress.com

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