When Coupons Aren't a Good Deal

by Lana Dorazio www.grocerybook.com

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Don't get me wrong, I like coupons. I'm actually a member of a coupon website that helps me to match up my coupons with the best sales of the week! It's a wonderful saving device. However, there are pitfalls to coupon shopping into which people fall. If you are a diehard couponer, you might want to rethink your strategies for a more relaxed and timesaving alternative to couponing.

How do you know that, in using a particular coupon, you are getting the best deal possible? Unless you keep your own record of prices for items you buy, or unless you have the memory of an elephant, you don't know. If, for instance, you have a coupon for a fabulous counter top cleaner that will save you 75 cents, reducing the price of the cleaner from $2.99 to only $2.24, are you really getting a good deal? You won't know unless you have a basis for comparison.

If you knew that you could get the same amount of counter top cleaner at a discount store for 99 cents, how do you feel about using that coupon now? How about if you knew you could mix together the same amount of ammonia and water for a great cleaner for only 25 cents? Would you rather spend 25 cents or $2.24? You be the judge.

The idea behind using coupons is to save money. In order to know if you are saving money, you must have a basis of comparison. This is where a pricebook can really come in handy. A pricebook is simply your own personal record of the great deals you've found in the past. Without this important record, you can't be sure if the sale or coupon item you're about to buy is really and truly a good deal or just another marketing ploy.

In short, you need to always evaluate other options before using a coupon. You might be excited because your grocery store is doubling the value of coupons and it seems like you can't go wrong. You must still look at the final price and calculate if there is yet a cheaper way to find that product.

My experience as an expert grocery shopper has led me to conclude that coupon shopping can be very beneficial, but at the same time, it can also be very misleading if you don't use a pricebook. Keep thinking and you will save thousands grocery shopping!

Lana Dorazio lives with her husband in the beautiful desert of Peoria, Arizona. Her personal grocery shopping success inspired her to write a comprehensive guide to saving money on groceries, entitled Save Thousands Grocery Shopping and Cook Great Food! Buy it today at grocerybook.com and receive a fully-populated free Bonus PriceBook to get you months ahead of compiling your own PriceBook from scratch.

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