Help! I'm Bored!

by Janine Lynn

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Fruit Kabobs

On toothpicks, skewer pieces of pineapple, mango, guava, and other tropical fruit. Serve with yogurt or fruit dip.

Sensational Slush

Fill a small yogurt container 2/3 full with juice or pop. Cap with a lid and place in freezer for 1 1/2 hours. Then, mix with a fork every 1/2 hour or so until it reaches desired consistency.

Dripless Popsicles

Dissolve one 85-gram package of pineapple Jell-O powder (or any other flavor) in 1 cup of boiling water. Stir in 1 1/4 cup of juice. Pour into moulds and freeze.

Celery Boats

Make your own little sailboats by stuffing pieces of celery with Cheese Whiz, cream cheese, or peanut butter. Sprinkle on sunflower or sesame seeds. Using a toothpick, insert a cucumber wedge for a sail.

Kitchen Sandbox

Spend a day at the beach! Partly fill a large plastic tub with cornmeal, rice, or colored macaroni, which has been sprinkled with a few drops of food coloring, mixed well, and spread out to dry. Then, use cups, spoons, colanders, sieves, etc. to dig, scoop, and measure the "sand."

Souvenir T-Shirt

Mix up some fabric paint to design your own Hawaiian souvenir! Mix Kool-Aid powder into small bottles of white glue. Squeeze glue onto a t-shirt (or paper) to make puffy designs. Color will darken as it dries.

Hula Hoopla

Using a hula hoop, try to out-swivel your friends by swinging it around your hips the most times.

Tickle Trunk

Don't forget to dig into your Tickle Trunk to dress Hawaiian!

Reprinted with permission from Help! I'm Bored! ISBN 0-9680809-0-1 .

Janine Lynn is a parent, author, and educator. Born and raised in Alberta, she is the author of Help! I'm Bored! - Over 300 Children's Activities for Ages 2 - 12. She wrote this book simply because she wanted all of her favorite teaching ideas collaborated into one book. Find out more about this book at

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