Readers Respond: Homemade Dog Chews

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I really liked this article. I have found that purchasing the nylabones and many other things is cheaper at I was also lucky enough to find some very high quality rawhydes at Big Lots. Also Family Dollar has fleece squecker stuffed animals and tug ropes for $1 each.

No More Hooves!

I read your article about the hooves. Just to let you know that my cocker almost died from a cow hoof. He had several and really enjoyed chewing on them. He would take them outside and leave them. Oee day, he found one that he had forgotten about and brought it in and I didn't notice it was an old one that was chewed down pretty far. The next day he woke up sick, wouldn't eat, and after a little water, he threw up. There was the piece from the hoof, along with alot of blood and liquid. He couldn't pass it through the stomach and it must have bled going down or in the stomach. He threw up two more times and all had hard pieces of hoof about the size of a quarter. They had changed color and had smooth edges by then, so the acid had been working on them over night. A similar situation had happened about a year ago and I swore off the hooves, but I felt sorry for him and so I started him up on them again. This time it is for good, no more hooves.

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