My Story: Small Safeguards

contributed by BJ

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Practical, Frugal Home Security

Home Safe Home

Here are some inexpensive ways to safeguard your home and belongings.

  • Put a broomstick in the sliding glass door track to help lock it.
  • Install motion sensor lights outside your house and garage.
  • Keep bushes cut down and away from doors and windows.
  • Cover the windows in the garage with frosted contact paper. Light can come in, but no one will be able to see into your garage.
  • Keep the garage door down and locked whenever the garage is not in use.
  • Take the name off your mailbox. By doing this, any potential intruders will not be able to look you up in the phone book and call to see if you are home.
  • Drill through the center of your double hung window frames (all the way through the inside and half way through the outside frame) and insert a large flat-headed nail. This will provide another lock and cannot be opened from the outside without breaking the glass.
  • Keep doors locked even when you are home.
  • Never open your door to anyone without finding out who they are first. I don't answer to salesmen, census takers, or fundraisers.
  • Have a dog. A dog's bark may discourage a break-in.
  • Drop your mail (especially those letters with checks enclosed) at a post office box instead of at your curbside home box.
  • Have someone that you trust pick up your mail and papers, and arrange for mowing or shoveling while you are gone.
  • Have an inexpensive timer on inside lights and/or a radio.
  • Keep your cars locked, and anything of value that must be left in the car should be locked in the trunk.
  • Keep a chain repair link on the gate's latches of our fence. It is not really a lock, but it takes a minute to undo.

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