Burglar Proof Doors

by Lisa Preston

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Selecting a Door for Home Security

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Increased Security, Small Expense

First off, give your residence the once over. Start with the front door and work around the outside of your home, checking out the back yard, shrubs, gates and garage.

You don't want shrubbery blocking the view of your front door. This offers an intruder a great place to hide. If you want plants near the foundation of your home, plant extra thorny roses under windows.

Chain locks provide little safety, so don't depend on them! A better idea would be to install a wide-angle viewer (peephole) so you can see who's outside your door.

Another ineffective lock is the Cane Bolt. Installed at the top and bottom of an inactive door, these bolts provide little security. Many homes with pairs of doors use half-barrel slide bolts on the inactive door. An intruder could break through these easily.

Double cylinder deadbolt locks are not usually recommended for residential use. The extra security sounds great, but you could lock yourself in and not be able to escape in case of fire or other emergency. If you do decide to use one, keep the key in the lock inside so your family can get out quickly if needed.

What Does Work?

  • A dead-latch is an inexpensive lock set which keeps the burglar from slipping your door open with a credit card.
  • An auxiliary deadlock is a one-inch deadbolt, single cylinder with hardened cylinder guard and thumb turn. A single cylinder deadbolt lock with one-inch throw and case hardened insert is recommended for all exterior doors. If you have easily breakable glass within 40 inches of a deadbolt lock, add a stronger type of glass or plastic to provide adequate security. If you can hang a solid door without windows, all the better!
  • The rim lock, a one-inch deadbolt lock, which is installed on the inside of the door, is less expensive than other types of locks, but just as effective. You can also buy the Jimmy-Proof Rim Lock with vertical dead bolts.
  • Installed at the top and bottom of the inactive door or pair of doors, flush bolts offer additional security, since the intruder can't tamper with them if the doors are locked.
  • The majority of devices in this article are inexpensive. Providing some home security doesn't have to empty your wallet!

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