Controlling Lizards

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Controlling Lizards

On my patio, I have a problem with lizards that live in my artificial trees and behind a thermometer. I have tried many times to get them out, but they are much faster than I am. They make such a mess on my patio (even my table). They also live in or around my gas grill.

Feline Frenzy

Our cats got rid of our lizard problem. Cats love them!

Help from Hawaii

We live in Hawaii and have a terrible problem with geckos (nighttime, so called "house lizards") and chameleons (mostly active during the day).

For the nighttime lizards, we have left out large glue traps. They are very attracted to the bait. Interestingly, even though there may be one or more dead on the trap, others will still be attracted enough to crawl on.

For the daytime lizards, we have noted where they sleep, and then rounded them up during the night. They often sleep together, so this is easier than it sounds.

Find Out What They Feast On

Your lizards are happy on your patio because they are feasting on something. Figure out what that is, get rid of it or discourage it, and the lizards will choose another home. It is possible, however, that they are feasting on mosquitoes or other critters that are more of a nuisance than they are. In tropical Asia where I grew up, a lot of lizards are considered good luck and healthy because they eat so many bugs.

Leave Egg Shells Around

Place egg shells around the areas. Lizards hate them!

Forget About Them!

My solution for lizards on the patio is to forget about them. They eat a ton of pesky insects. Sometimes, we need to just accept Mother Nature and realize fixing a "problem" can lead to worse situations. I'm sure once this reader "fixes" her lizards, she'll be writing on how to save all her plants from hungry insects!

Use Sticky Pads

Use the sticky pads that are used to catch mice. Lay them next to the wall or crevice. Once they walk on them, they're stuck until you dispose of them. It works pretty well.

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