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I reupholstered my couch and loveseat with drapery fabric that I purchased from a thrift shop. A staple gun is needed to pull the fabric taut. I did not remove the old fabric. Instead, I just went over it with the "new" fabric.

You may want to wash the drapery. I did not, as I was worried it would remove the Scotch Guard. However, I sprayed Febreze on them and put them in the dryer.

I did glue a light padding to the seat cushions. I also made pillow cushions out of an old down comforter that was no longer of use. I made the pillows out of an old sheet, added the down, and made a cover for them out of the drapery fabric. I made sure the patterns lined up. It was a striped floral with repeats, so I had to be careful. I made a pillow cover out of the drapery fabric for all of the cushions. There were corners that had to be tucked in with a needle and thread afterwards.

The tricky part was covering the arms. I like fitted arms. I stapled the fabric to the arms and drew the shape of the arm on a sheet of paper. Then I cut out that shape onto light cardboard. After adding a soft layer of padding, I glued the drapery fabric to the arm and glued the covered cardboard in place. I spent about $50 on quality cording to go around the arms and base of the couch.

It gave the room a country English effect, and it looks very nice. Nobody can tell that I did it. They are more comfortable than before. They are in the living room and don't get a lot of use. I spent $50 on the old draperies. The total cost was $100 and about a week's worth of learning a new skill.

It had a skirting that I did not replace, as the couch had nice dark wood legs.

I suppose that it would be more professional to replace all the fabric and cushions on an existing couch. It's a good idea to clean them beforehand if you do not want to replace all the fabric. Over time, it is good to replace a couch, especially if you have allergies. However, this was quick and cost effective.

I love being able to tell people I did it myself. If you have a couch that you are going to get rid of anyway, just try it. With my luck, I'll have that set another ten years.

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