How to shop for hair care products

Less Expensive Hair Care Products

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Shopping for Hair Care Products

My daughter gets her hair "foiled" (highlighted) at our local beauty academy at a good price ($35). However, the gals who do her hair tell her that the chemical process is hard on her hair and she comes home with the expensive shampoo and conditioner that they sell for about $25, which negates what she saves on the coloring process. Any recommendations for less expensive products she can use for hair care?
AJ, Minnesota

Hair Care from Suave

I get my hair highlighted and used to purchase the expensive hair products. I found that Suave has a line that mimics the name brands. I used to use Biolage Deep Conditioning Balm. Suave has a product that claims to be just like Biolage for under $2 a bottle. I have found the performance the same, but Suave is much cheaper.

Unusual Cheap Hair Care

In ninth grade, I completed a science test on a wide range of shampoos and conditioners. The results showed that all of them did the same job. The generic ones actually worked longer. To make sure her hair stays soft and shiny after the treatment, she should thoroughly mix two eggs and three tablespoons of mayonnaise in a bowl and then apply the mixture to her hair. Cover with a hair cap and rinse it off after an hour.

Beauty Supply Store for Hair Care Products

Go to a beauty supply store (Sally's in my area) and they will be able to help you find a great shampoo at a very reasonable price. When on sale, it's even cheaper than certain brands you can get at Wal-Mart. They can recommend what you need for your hair type and the shampoo/conditioner is fantastic!

Cheap Hair Products from Dove

I also get my hair highlighted. I use Dove's shampoo for color-treated hair and it works fabulous! And considering it is only $4 a bottle, a little goes a long way.

Cheap Salon Hair Care

As a Hairdresser, I see many people who do not want to pay more for salon products. But if they are used properly, they should not cost any more than drug store brands. First, make sure your daughter is not wasting her shampoo and conditioner. Salon products have less water and wax in them, so you do not need nearly as much. You only need 1/4 to 1/2 of what you think you need.

Check around for deals and salons with better prices. Most chain type salons (like Regis, Borics and Fantastic Sams) have their own brand, which can be cheaper. The best deals are found just before Christmas, Easter, Mother's Day and back-to-school time. At back-to-school time, most manufacturers come out with liter deals where you can buy a liter each of shampoo and conditioner for around $20 to $25 for both. One of these packs should last the average person with shoulder length, medium-thick hair one year.

Also make sure that hair is kept trimmed (every 4-8 weeks). Dried out hair will use more product.

Paula Begoun on Hair Care Products

Go to your library and check out Don't Go Shopping for Hair-Care Products Without Me by Paula Begoun. She exposes a lot of the myths about the high-priced hair products and recommends products of all price ranges for all hair types. There are drugstore products available that will be just as gentle on your daughter's colored hair. Some of the expensive hair products are more damaging than the cheaper ones. (Paula Begoun also has books about makeup and skin care products; I've saved a lot of money using her recommendations. She also has a website at that gives a lot of information, although not nearly as extensive as her books.)

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