Winter Nature Walks

by Nita Holstine

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Wintertime has most of our trees bare and looking dead. Weather permitting, it can be a great adventure in the out of doors.

This is most fun if enjoyed with a youngster or two at your side. Pick a route or area with lots of trees. Noting that the trees are now barren of leaves, point out all the bird nests that are now visible. It is so much fun to suddenly spot a really big nest. We have lots of hawks and other big birds that make huge nests. You won't have to worry about the kiddos handling the discovered treasure or wanting to take it home.

If time permits, have some good sightings lined up and then you can lead your young hikers and be delighted when they make the find. Binoculars are wonderful if they don't have to share or can share without fighting. The main thing is to enjoy. Talk about how birds live in nests, gather seeds and nuts to eat, find water and such things.

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