Are You Having Ups and Downs in the Job Search?

by Marilyn J. Tellez, M.A

Here is a description of what you may be feeling? Check on your feelings now about the whole process?

  • You endlessly procrastinate.

  • You study about the process. (There is much thinking about action taking place in your head.)

  • You make excuses for yourself. (I need a vacation, not a job search. I have many household chores to do, so I can't be looking for a job. This is similar to procrastination.)

Here we'll switch from what YOU do to what I am not doing.

  • I made some phone calls, but no one is hiring.

  • I talked to my friends and family members about my situation, but they are not helping enough.

  • I might just have a drink to calm myself.

  • I have had a big fight with my spouse about my not getting a job.

  • I'm really angry about not getting hired and about those who let me go from the last job. (Anger is rolling around in the mind and emotions. However, there is no action to relieve it).

  • I don't have any skills. I need to go back to school to get some, but I'm an adult with responsibilities at home. I can't do it.

  • I'll never get hired. I want to give up.

I started this article with what YOU as the person is doing and went to what I am not doing to help myself. Hooray! That is the key to having so many "downs" and not a lot of "ups."

Action! Action! Action! That's the primary key to getting those pesky downs out of the way. And, a plan! Planning on action to make the difficult seem easy and the ups come your way. Many of the troubles described above have the aura of self-esteem issues. Make that plan! Write it down! Get a pal to be with to support you. Celebrate those up times! And, don't let anything or anyone get you "down"!

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