The Importance of Romantic Rituals

by Michael Webb

My wife, Athena, and I have a daily ritual, which I think strengthens our marriage. Every afternoon (my office is in the house), we catch up with each other over a pot of hot tea. We learned to appreciate the daily ritual of taking tea after a visit to England.

With tea, we usually have a couple of cookies, banana bread or some other small snack item. While polishing off the pot of tea, we sit for 30 minutes or so and discuss how the day went and what our plans might be for that night or the rest of the week. We also discuss future plans and dreams or whatever is on our minds. It is a very worthwhile ritual and one that we plan on continuing indefinitely.

Many couples with children often ask me how they can add romance to their relationship being surrounded by children. I believe this is one way that couples can both spend some special time alone while setting a wonderful example for the children that their mom and dad really love each other. Of course, you don't have to take up drinking hot tea. You can come home and relax over a glass of coke, cup of coffee, or some other beverage while snacking on cookies or carrot sticks or whatever.

For parents with small children, it might be impossible to spend quiet time alone until after the children are put to bed. The importance is the uninterrupted time spent together. Whatever means you use to be able to do that consistently is up to you.

Michael Webb is the founder of and the best-selling author of The Romantic's Guide and 7 other books.

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