Saving Money is Fun

by Sarah Delaporte

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Saving money is not always easy, but approached the right way, it can become a hobby that's enjoyable as well as beneficial.

I am going to share some steps I have found to stretch your finances, while enjoying the process.

Tip 1: Relax. Relax, relax, and again I say, relax. Don't count each penny you save and worry about how much you save. Does it really matter if this week you saved $1.92 compared to $1.93 on a meal. Yes, every penny matters, but sometimes the amount is so minimal it's not crucial.

Tip 2: Budget. This is always good advice, but sometimes it's hard to do.

Tip 3: Make saving money detective work. Uncover the sleuth in you. If you look at money saved as unfound treasure, you will find the process exhilarating! There's always a new way to save that you have yet to discover. Search for it.

Tip 4: Involve your kids in saving. Play games with them that show them how to use money wisely. Money Matters is a game by Larry Burkett that does just that. Another way is to encourage them to cut coupons. When you do this, give them a percentage of how much money you save when you use the coupons that they cut.

When you make pinching pennies a hobby instead of a chore, you will save your family more money and you'll find it exciting, too!

Sarah Delaporte is with Freebie Coupon Corner. Imagine Free Groceries In Your Shopping Cart!

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