My Story: Stocking Up

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I'm a Disabled American Veteran and I live alone. A couple of years ago, I became housebound for about 11 months, while I fought to convince the VA that I needed a power wheelchair.

Waiting for a friend or relative to have a free afternoon to take me shopping for all of the food and supplies I'd need for the month was difficult at best. My solution was to buy a large, upright freezer, and it was the best purchase I could have made!

I watch online for the butcher shop in the town next to where my sister lives to have the right specials. Then, I make the 50-mile trip each way and combine a visit with her and a trip to the butcher shop all in one. I carry a cooler and a few freezer packs to keep the meat cool on the long trip home.

In a typical trip, I'll buy two sirloin roasts (when they're on sale) and have them cut into about 15 inch-and-a-half thick steaks. I buy 30 to 40 pounds of ground beef and 15 to 20 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast. I also pick up pork and sausage in bulk if the price is right.

Then I take my meats home, separate them into smaller, meal-sized portions, and freeze them. I cook up some of the ground beef, so I'll have some on hand. This way, I don't have to brown the ground beef later for tacos, burritos and sauces. It saves a lot of time. I also make meals in bulk and freeze them in individual portions, so I just have to thaw and reheat when I'm too tired or sore to cook a whole meal.

I buy my breads, fries, ravioli, some fruits and veggies and other entrees in bulk and freeze them, and I keep at least one half gallon of milk frozen in reserve, in case of a severe NH ice/snowstorm or heat wave.

By having my freezer, I'm able to take advantage of sales and specials when they occur, and I save a bundle! In the past three years, my freezer has easily paid for itself in savings, and since it was bought new, it's also energy efficient!

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