Gifts that Keep on Giving

by Nancy Twigg

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One of the dilemmas of choosing gifts for parents or grandparents is that in many cases, these family members are well established and financially secure. If there is anything they truly need or want, they can easily afford to buy it themselves. And unlike young people who have unique needs associated with each new phase of their lives, parents have many years of living under their belts and usually already own more stuff than they can ever actually use or enjoy.

What do you get someone who has everything? With Father's Day right around the corner, this is a good time to talk about gifts that go above and beyond the ordinary. I like to call this category of presents "gifts that keep on giving."

I discovered this variety of gift giving several years ago when I was particularly stumped on what to get my dad for his birthday. After pondering what Dad would truly enjoy, I remembered that he loves all kinds of baked goodies. He is particularly fond of a certain style of yeast rolls I usually make for family gatherings. Instead of giving him some gadget or gizmo, I decided to give him something he would really love: six months of his choice of homemade treats.

On his birthday, I made a batch of his beloved rolls. I presented the rolls along with a homemade gift certificate. The certificate stated that once a month for the next six months, my dad would receive his choice of fresh, homemade baked goods delivered right to his doorstep. At the beginning of each month, I would call to get his selection and then deliver whatever treat he chose in a few days.

This plan worked like a dream. Each month when I brought him his selection, Dad felt like we were celebrating his birthday all over again. He felt honored I would take time out of my busy schedule to do something just for him. Each time he said, "This is the best gift you could have possibly given me."

When faced with the challenge of finding a gift for the person with everything, ask yourself if there is some way you can give a gift that can be enjoyed on a continuing basis like the one I described. Maybe your loved one would relish having one special home-cooked meal per week delivered to his door for the next month. How about one day out per month for the next year for the person who is caring for his own elderly parents? What about one day per month of your help with running errands if your loved one doesn't drive? Use your creativity to come up with your own "on-going gift" for that extraordinary person for whom an ordinary gift just won't do.

Nancy Twigg is a Christian speaker and the author of Celebrate Simply: Your Guide to Simpler, More Meaningful Holidays and Special Occasions

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