My Story: Moving Made Easy

contributed by Liz

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I have moved several times, on my own. Sometimes I've used a mover, and sometimes I've rented a U-Haul truck. One thing I learned to do first was to pack an apartment in a box. On two occasions, I moved into an apartment first and got my gear from the old place on the next weekend. On the theory that I would not have everything in place in time, or that movers would be delayed, I packed an "Instant Apartment" box that held the following items.

  • a comforter that doubled as a mattress if the weather was warmer.

  • one blanket in case it wasn't

  • sheets

  • pillows

For the kitchen

  • set of dishes that includes a bowl, butter plate, dinner plate and a mug, as well as a place setting of eating implements

  • tall and short glass

  • skillet

  • pan suitable for cooking pasta/macaroni/soup

  • utility kitchen knife

  • utility spoon

  • spatula

  • measuring spoons and a measuring cup

  • can opener

  • two or three kitchen towels

  • new kitchen soap and scrubbies

For the bathroom

  • set of towels

  • four-pack of toilet paper

  • fresh bar of soap

  • fresh bottle of shampoo and conditioner

  • utility cup that can act as a toothbrush holder until you get organized

On later, shorter moves, I did the same thing for one-box bedrooms and instant basic kitchens and bathrooms. If nothing else, it gave us the basics while we sorted through boxes. And on my single-person moves, the above packed into a box that I could get into my apartment on my own, since I didn't know anyone yet in the neighborhood.

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