My Story: Small Start, Big Finish

contributed by Sarah

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I came up with a few easy ideas to put a little extra money in the bank. Hopefully, if you aren't doing these already, these tips will help you squeeze a little extra savings into the bank, and if you are already doing them, maybe these will inspire you to create a few more ideas!

  1. Rebate checks - I deposit any rebate checks that I receive into my savings account. The small numbers really add up. The few dollars that I would get from cashing those checks won't be missed if I never get them in my hands.

  2. Checking nooks and crannies - Once a month, I check the places where coins and bills collect, such as the bottom of my purse, in my jackets, etc. I deposit all the money that I collect into my savings account. Sometimes, I find quite a bit. For instance, I just found $20 in an old purse the other day!

  3. Just say "No" to spending coins! - I never use change unless I am at a yard sale. Even if I am at a store and the total is $8.02, I never give the pennies. Instead, I take that 98 cents and put it into my coin jar. Once that is full, I deposit it in the bank. Between my husband and myself, we deposit about $50 each month in change, sometimes more. That is an extra $600 a year in the bank!

  4. Keep your eyes open! - Keep alert and be on the look out for lost coins or bills laying in parking lots, near check out lines, vending machines or drive through windows. Even toll booths have tons of change laying on the ground. Even though these are small amounts, they do add up! You wouldn't throw away a quarter would you? Then why pass up that dime and those pennies you see daily?

Remember that no amount that you tuck into your savings account is too small. If you can set aside $2 a week from your paycheck and not more, that is ok! That $2 makes $110 at the end of the year. It's important to try. It is really rewarding to watch how all those small amounts add up! Even if it goes slowly, be proud of your hard work! It is paying off.

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