Money Calorie Counter

by Deborah McNaughton

You can save your waistline and your budget at the same time, according to consumer debt and credit expert Deborah McNaughton, president of Professional Credit Counselors. She says small steps can both reduce your calories and bulk up your savings.

For example, she says passing up potato chips with your lunch could save $176.80 and a whopping 63,232 calories a year. Invest that money and you'll have some $10,500 in 20 years (assuming a 10% compounded return). Giving up French fries will save 140,400 calories a year and yield nearly $34,000 in 20 years. No more lattes will cut 70,200 calories annually and produce more than $50,000.

The following chart provides more details with popular food items.






(10% compounded interest)


(10% compounded interest)



(20 lbs.)




Large fries


(40 lbs.)




One slice cheese pizza


(23 lbs.)




Mocha latte


(20 lbs.)




Large chocolate bar


(38 lbs.)





ice cream

13.5 oz.


(40 lbs.)




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Deborah McNaughton has been counseling consumers for 20 years on how to make and stick to a budget, get out of debt, improve their credit scores and take charge of their financial life. She is the author of numerous books including Financially Secure: An Easy to Follow Money Program for Women (Thomas Nelson Publishers), The Get Out of Debt Kit: Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom (Dearborn Publishing), and All About Credit: Questions and Answers to the Most Common Problems (Dearborn Publishing), as well as "Your Financial Future," a complete how-to video series.

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