Mysterious Blinking Oil Light

courtesy of Bob, The Auto Answer Man

Hi Bob,
I have a Chrysler Concord 2000 V6 2.7. A few days ago, I was stopped at a red light and noticed the oil pressure light blinked for a brief moment. My local mechanic and friend of mine put a real gauge on it and we let the car idle for some time. Changed gears and everything, but the pressure was fine.

After putting the car back on the lifts, he did replace the sending unit for me, as it looked like it was leaking oil from that area.

Anyway, the same thing still happens. On my way back home, the light came on for a moment again while at a red light. It only comes on when the car tries to idle down to 500 RPM. Normally, I believe, the car idles around 600 or 700 RPM. As soon as it idles down to 500, the light comes on. When I tap the gas, the car idles back up and nothing happens.

I have driven the car approximately 100 miles since this started, being very careful to watch if the light comes on at any other time. It never does. Of course, while the car was connected to a real gauge, I could never make it idle lower. Any thoughts?

Well, it would seem that you really don't have an oiling problem. One of two things are probably happening (or both). When the car idles that low, the oil pump is not making enough pressure and the light is coming on. The other thing that could be happening is that when the car idles that low, the alternator is not making enough voltage. So, when the sender sees a low voltage signal, it is illuminating the light. However, I feel that you should be questioning why your engine is idling so low at times. Does it happen at night, with the head lights on, the heater on max, the rear defroster on, and the radio playing? Or is it totally random? There are several possibilities that could cause this situation.
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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