My Story: The Organized Move

contributed by Laura

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Here's a method for actually finding things after you move.

Number your boxes by room. Boxes numbered 100-199 are destined for the kitchen, boxes numbered 200-299 are destined for the dining room, etc. Write the room name and the number in large marker pen on multiple sides of the box. Don't write the contents on the box. Instead, type the contents into your computer.

Create a word-processed document. Set up columns for the box number, room, and contents. Type the information into your computer as you pack. Set up the document to print landscape (not portrait). You will like the extra room for the contents descriptions. Print out the list just before you move. If you have a Palm, load it onto your Palm as well.

Once at your new destination, set up your computer early on. Open up your packing list. If you are looking for something in particular, do a "find" for the word. For example, if I need to find my blender, I do a "find" in my document and see that the blender is in box 134.

Theft deterrence is another good reason to not write the contents of your boxes on the boxes themselves. Thieves raid moving trucks and look for boxes labeled to show they are containing electronics. Don't help them out.

To be certain the boxes containing your computer monitor and TV are handled with care, write "Aquarium" to let the movers know that the big square boxes have something heavy and fragile in them.

Label boxes containing breakables "Fragile - Glass." Good luck to you on your move!

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