10 ways to turn macaroni and cheese into dinner

Macaroni and Cheese Magic

by Rhiana Graves

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When the end of the month comes around, and grocery money is dwindling down to pennies, it's time to start using what's on hand to fill out those menu plans. You might want to consider stocking up on boxed macaroni and cheese and keeping it on hand for penny-pinching days.

Here are 10 super easy ways to make Macaroni and Cheese into dinner (serves 2-4).

Prepare the Macaroni and Cheese according to the directions on the box, and then choose one of the following options:

  1. Chili Mac: Add a can of chili.

  2. Tuna Mac: Add a can of tuna and a can of peas or corn.

  3. Mexican Mac: Add 1/2 a cup of salsa and a can of beans (black, pinto or red beans work well).

  4. Ranch Chicken Mac: Add one cooked diced chicken breast, 1/2 of an onion and 1/4 cup Ranch Dressing.

  5. Potato Mac: Stir in leftover hash browns or fried potatoes from breakfast.

  6. Seafood Mac: Stir in one cup of cocktail shrimp or imitation crab.

  7. Veggie Mac: Add one can of mixed vegetables

  8. March Mac: Add one cup diced corned beef (canned or leftover) and one cup of diced boiled potatoes.

  9. Barbecue Mac: Add 1/4 cup of your favorite barbecue sauce and 1/2 package of chopped hot dogs.

  10. Spam Mac: Add one package of diced fried Spam of any flavor.

Rhiana Graves is a freelance writer for several ezines and websites. She currently makes her living as an Inside Sales Representative in Phoenix, Arizona. She can be emailed at rhianag@yahoo.com

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