Romantic Bedroom on a Budget

by Kathleen Wilson

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Periodically we're reminded to take a little time to nurture the romance in our lives. This can prove to be a daunting task if you're on a tight budget. Never fear, here are some great ways to punch up the sizzle in your bedroom (ok, I am just talking decorating here, folks…) without leaving your bank account fried!

  1. Paint your room a rich, luxurious color to comfort and calm. A can of paint can go far to upping the cozy factor in your bedroom! Don't do this the day before Valentine's or the smell will send any romance in the room right out the window!

  2. Purchase several yards of a gauze or net fabric from your local fabric store, and make your own romantic canopy. Screw eyehooks into the ceiling at each corner of the bed, and draw the fabric through so that it drapes near the ground, overhead, then down again. Repeat on both sides of the bed. The same romance as a four poster, for just a few dollars!

  3. Bring scent into your room with potpourri, incense, or candles. Try to pick a scent your spouse will enjoy also. Sandalwood, patchouli, and woody scents are all compatible for both sexes.

  4. Add a few drops of your favorite perfume to your linens before making the bed for a sensual reminder of who inhabits it! (Remember, just a few drops, don't overdo it!)

  5. Move things around! Just a new view on the room can give you both the feeling you are on vacation in some fabulous hotel if only for a little while!

Remember, you spend a large amount of time in your bedroom, so take a little time to create a haven for you and the one you love using "Creativity, Not Cash"! TM

Kathleen Wilson is an author and national columnist for Country Woman Magazine. She is also the editor of The Budget Decorator; a free online ezine and newsletter full of free ideas, projects, and inspiration. You can get more free ideas and info on her workshops at

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