Spending Money on the Job Search

by Marilyn Tellez

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Most people who start looking for a job think that they can't spend money to look for a job. Certainly, when a paycheck is gone, spending becomes a critical issue. Pinching pennies when it is vital to present yourself as a candidate that is prosperous may seem impossible.

There are ways to spend little money to present yourself as someone who is doing well in the business world. Let me start with some recommendations that will help.

  1. Go through your whole wardrobe. Give away or sell everything that makes you look dated or cheap. Make sure there are no stains on pants, jackets, etc. Better to spend money on having an up-to-date jacket dry cleaned than have any of your wardrobe look shabby.

  2. Go to a local beauty college to get a new hairstyle. If they give low-cost facials or massages, indulge yourself in them. If you are a woman, ask for advice on makeup.

  3. Get yourself the best type of paper for resumes and cover letters. This includes envelopes. Have your paperwork critiqued by someone from a public agency that serves job seekers. Better not to spend a lot on resume production for now.

  4. Buy yourself an inexpensive answering machine if you don't have one. Always have an upbeat message on yours about when to reach you. Cell phones are very useful if you can still afford the charges.

  5. Go over your family budget to cut costs. You might be surprised how little you miss the money drainers.

  6. Keep active physically. Walking is great for you and inexpensive. Use public facilities as much as possible.

  7. Indulge yourself in at least one little luxury daily. A good hour spent at your local library to check out fun reading is a luxury that is free!

  8. Talk to others and get your friends to give you advice. Volunteer at a place that makes you laugh. Use the Internet for information.

  9. Keep worry out of your life. Pay attention to your moods and your diet. Don't give up no matter what. That doesn't cost a cent!

Marilyn Tellez has served the needs of the job changer and job seeker for over 15 years. She is a graduate of the JFK University Career Development Certificate Program and certified as a Career & Job Transition Coach by the Career Planning & Adult Development Network. Marilyn is the author of Do It Now! The Job Search Kit for Those 50 & Over.

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