Can you really save money buying furniture direct?

Buying Furniture in North Carolina

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Buying Furniture Direct

I am trying to find information about buying furniture directly from the manufacturer. I am trying to determine if it is worth traveling to North Carolina, as I need to furnish several rooms. I would like to know if floor samples from the manufacturer's showroom are ever sold to the public? What's the best way to get the best deal?

Savings Found in Carolina

I've bought several large pieces of furniture over the phone after pricing the furniture in local retail establishments. Generally, the savings range from 35-40%.

Recently, we got a five-piece solid cherry bedroom set for $2700 that locally went for $5100. It was the same brand and same model. Delivery charges ran about $350. I have had several friends fly to Hickory, NC, rent a car, pay for two nights at a hotel and still come out way ahead.
Dave in Cincinnati

Shop Local Before Buying in Carolina

You can shop for furniture without going to North Carolina. Shop locally and find exactly the brand, style, color, etc. that you want. Then call the large furniture dealers in North Carolina with the information and they will give you a price on exactly the same thing. I have done business with Rose Furniture Stores, Furniture Land South, Carolina Interiors, and Bonita Galleries. A Google search for North Carolina furniture stores will give you more leads. I bought a beautiful dining room set from North Carolina and never set foot in the state. It was all done by phone.

Research Key to Furniture Buying

I lived in High Point, NC for almost three years. They host Furniture Markets twice a year (in April and October) for furniture buyers from all over the world. Afterwards, you can find incredible cash and carry bargains on nearly every major street corner and sales room lot. I have seen people drive in from far away with U-Hauls and load up. The bargains are incredible.

In the end, it depends on how far away you live. With the cost of gas (especially for a U-Haul or even towing a trailer), it may well be as or more expensive than buying locally. Research is the key. Contact the local show rooms and ask when their sales will be and what price range you can expect for specific items.

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Shop Internet for Furniture

When I wanted to purchase a large computer armoire, I recorded the manufacturer's name and model/style number. At that time, I didn't have a computer, so I found an old copy of Southern Living and began calling the 800 numbers until I found a company who handled the piece at the lowest price. They arranged to ship it to me direct. It took about 12 weeks because it was a custom piece. I paid about 1/3 the original price. It was beautiful, and it arrived in perfect condition. I highly recommend using the Internet. It's much faster and you can view the pieces.
Nony in Kentucky

North Carolina Furniture Is Great

A few years ago, I was looking for bedroom furniture. I found what I wanted at a local furniture store and then I copied down the manufacturer's name and the item numbers. I then found an 800 number for the company in NC. The price to ship the furniture, insured, from NC to my home and to set up in my bedroom (on the second floor of my house!) was about 20% less ($600 savings) than buying it from my local store, without delivery costs.

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