Ask Bob: Missing Power Steering

Hi Bob,
I have a older GMC Yukon. Last night, the power steering just went out and I had to "muscle" it to get it home and into my garage. The power steering fluid is fine and the belts are all working. What else can I check to try to isolate the problem prior to taking it to a mechanic? Thanks for your anticipated help.

Well, it could be the power steering pump gave out. It is basically just a simple hydraulic pump system. Unfortunately, you can test it, but it might get messy as the pump should make a good amount of pressure when it is working. However, you can open the cap and look inside with the motor running. You should be able to see the fluid moving around some. The other thing to do would be to remove the outlet hose and see if there is good pressure/flow there (that is where the messy part comes in). Also be careful!
Good Luck!
Drive Safely!
Bob, The Auto Answer Man

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