Saving Money Eating Right

by Carol Parsons

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With the low carb diets becoming so big, and eating healthy finally hitting people to do so, many people find that it is expensive to eat better. Let's face it, eating right costs a lot of money, but there are ways to cut the cost of grocery shopping and still leave you eating healthy.

  1. Bulk Shopping - There are many bulk food stores out there now, such as warehouses like Cosco and Gordons and budget shopping stores like Save-a-Lot. I have been able to save at least 50 cents an item at most of these stores. I am shocked when I go into a regular grocery store and see how much more I am spending per item. If you have the space in your freezer, stocking up can save you a ton of money.
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  3. Not Wasting Food - I know from experience that I have trouble buying too much food, especially whole, healthy food. Many of them, such as the fruits and vegetables, do not last very long and will spoil if you don't eat them. It's a bigger waste of money to buy too much and let it go bad, than it is to just buy as much as you need for the week, even if sometimes the smaller version is more expensive.
  4. Meat and Fruit Markets - Many of your meat and fruit markets are a lot cheaper than getting the same thing at your local grocer. Since they specialize in just meats and fruits and buy in such large amounts, they can pass their savings on to the customer. Some markets will let you buy a bulk package of mixed meats, which will cost you less. Just remember to have the space in your freezer that it takes for this.
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  6. Stick to Shopping along the Outer Edge of the Store - I used to be a convenience shopper. I have to take into consideration that I'm not buying a lot of fairly expensive items in a box or can anymore. All the whole, healthy foods are in the coolers around the edge of the store. It saves a lot of money to only buy the whole foods and not buy the canned goods and boxed foods along with it. After awhile, you will notice that your refrigerator will become full and your pantry empty.
  7. Sale Items and Coupons - Of course, it does pay to shop at the best sales. Check out your weekend newspapers for coupons and to find out which stores have the best deals for the week. Also, check to see if the store you shop in has its own individual cards for in-store savings. The Internet can also be a good place to find store coupons and brand coupons.
  8. Store Brand Items - Some people balk when I tell them I buy the store brand of some items. Most of these items are just as good in quality as the name brand items.
  9. Stock Up - Anytime you run across a good sale, stock up. It's always cheaper to buy more of an item than less. It is harder to do when it comes to fruits and vegetables, but for meats and anything frozen, it works real well. But my word of warning is only do this if you are going to use it before it goes bad.

calculator iconCalculator: How much can I save packing a lunch instead of eating out?

As you can see, there are many ways to save on your grocery bill when trying to eat healthier. Look around and check out the best ways to go. This all depends on the area that you live in and the stores you have available. Do your homework, shop around, and keep eating healthy.

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