My Story: Rebate Rejections

contributed by Jodie

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I have actually done rebate processing from home and most of the time there are good reasons why rebates are rejected, but if you follow the tips below, it should help. This is what I have found to be some major challenges that can be corrected with a little bit of care.

  1. Fill out with legible handwriting. It is very difficult to read "chicken scratch" handwriting. If your handwriting is difficult to read, chances are the wrong information will be entered and your rebate will be returned or sent to someone else. Don't forget the zip code either. People in Minnesota do not know California zip codes. Address labels are a great way to prevent this problem. Be careful to read your rebate thoroughly. I just had one that said address labels will not be accepted.

  2. Read the directions very carefully! I have had many people submit a rebate in an envelope with nothing but their name on it. 99% of the time there is more documentation required to validate your purchase.

  3. No photocopies - If it says no photocopies accepted, they mean it! If you submit photocopies, they are going to assume this is a fraudulent claim because you could submit the same rebate and POP for several people.

  4. Receipts are required. - Be sure to enclose your receipt if required. Once again read the directions! It helps to circle the purchased item because this needs to be verified and most times entered into a program.

  5. Proof of Purchase - Make sure they are for the correct products, the required amount of POPs and they are complete. Many rebates require the UPC to be scanned to check for validity.

  6. One rebate per envelope - Do not enclose more than one rebate per envelope. If you put more than one rebate per envelope, they can get missed or rejected if it is one offer per household. Just because the rebate address for multiple rebates are all going to a certain city there is always a separate PO BOX they go to. When you send them to the wrong PO BOX, they get mis-sorted because the data entry person only has the information for that specific rebate associated with that PO BOX. This will delay your rebate for several more weeks in addition to chancing it gets lost somewhere in the multiple hands it has to pass through.

  7. Rebates denied - When you get a letter stating that your rebate is invalid and/or more documentation is required please read the letter and follow the directions. Make sure to send it back to the address in the letter, not the original rebate address. You will just receive another rejection letter since that PO BOX is most likely for new rebates. I also recommend including a photocopy of what you originally submitted along with the required missing information just to make sure it is all there.

  8. Assembling your rebate information - Take care when assembling your information. It is really difficult to have to unfold receipts 10 times to look at them. My favorite is when people tape all the valid items to a piece of paper. Things don't get lost and they are easy to read to input the information. Do not highlight items on receipts because the ink fades, and if the item can't be seen, then it may invalidate it.

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