Safe Oven Cleaner

by Jonni McCoy

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Does anyone have a homemade "recipe" for oven cleaner? I hate using that awful chemical stuff and thought maybe someone could help! Thanks!

There are a few ways to clean tough areas without the chemicals. I use a citrus solvent cleaner that cuts grease very well. You can buy these in most supermarkets now, in the cleanser area, and they are in hardware stores. One brand I like is Citra-Solv.

Another cleanser recipe is to combine 1 tsp. each of liquid soap, borax, lemon juice and vinegar with one-quart warm water. Let this sit on the grease for 30 minutes, and then scrub.

To avoid the hard work of cleaning baked-on grease, wipe the oven after each splattery bake. Cover foods with lids or foil to avoid the messes. Also try low-temperature baking with greasy foods and roasts, which causes less splattering of grease than high-temperature baking.

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