Calling All Friends, Families and Celebrities

by Michael Webb

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On May 27th, Athena and I celebrated our seventh yearly wedding anniversary. I wanted to make it even more special than our average yearly extravaganza so I came up with an idea to make it very memorable. I wanted to have friends, families and celebrities to send greetings to Athena to congratulate her on this special occasion.

First, about one month before our anniversary, I went on the Internet and found several sites where celebrity mailing addresses were listed. I wrote down about 25 celebrities around the world that Athena has admired for things they had accomplished or talents they have. I didn't write to anyone simply because they were good-looking or famous. I did my best to hunt down a few more addresses of notables that I knew Athena was particularly fond of. I wrote each person a short letter explaining what I was doing.

Along with the letter I included a card and envelope that was pre-addressed and stamped so all they would have to do is to write a short note, sign it, seal it and post it. About two weeks before our anniversary, the card from Woody Allen came. In proper fashion, Martha Stewart's came just a few days before our anniversary. The day of our anniversary came greetings from Brooke Shields, Andre Aggasi and Harry Connick Jr. Within the next few weeks came cards from Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Emma Thompson and the cast of Friends.

The second tier of this plan had to do with friends and family who have e-mail. I sent messages to about 40 people who have e-mail and asked them to send a message to my wife at her office. The day of our anniversary (she had to work, unfortunately), she was flooded with dozens of messages over the computer. The reason I didn't ask our friends to send a card is that it would have been expensive for me to send out an additional 40 and it would have been slightly rude to ask for them to go out and buy a card for us.

Michael Webb is the founder of and the best-selling author of The Romantic's Guide and 7 other books.

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