99 Bottles of Treasure

by Michael Webb

While the weather is still nice, we are more likely to have afternoon picnics at the lake or walks in the woods, exploring rivers and streams. Beaches are also a popular destination that time of year. Wouldn't it be neat if you found a bottle with a note in one of those bodies of water?

I remember when I was a kid (many say I am still one), I would look all over in hopes of discovering a floating bottle with a message inside. I admit I would still like to find one.

The chances of you discovering such a bottle is nearly 100% if you plant it there yourself. The idea is for you to hide the bottle where it is unlikely for anyone else to discover and then take your sweetheart on a picnic or walk for him or her to "discover" the mysterious bottle in the water.

While any old bottle will do, you might want to shop or rummage around for one that is really interesting or at least would make a nice bud vase. My wife really likes the dark blue wine bottles to put on the table with a few flowers in them. The reason for picking out a nice bottle is that it is likely going to be kept as a memento of the wonderful romantic surprise you pulled off.

What you put inside the bottle is completely up to you. It can be as simple as a love note or as creative as a treasure map (soaked in hot tea and with its edges burned off to make it look aged) that will lead your darling to a present you have hidden or buried, or even a picnic that you have secretly prepared in the woods or park.

Michael Webb is the founder of TheRomantic.com and the best-selling author of The Romantic's Guide and 7 other books.

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