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Moving: Driving Versus Shipping?

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After my grandmother's death, I inherited her precious cedar chest. It is currently located in Ohio, but I live in Oregon. I am unable to go there myself to bring the cedar chest back to my home, and no one in my family is willing to drive it across the country for me. What is the best way to ship the cedar chest affordably, while still protecting this priceless family heirloom from damage or loss? Thank you!

Post on College Bulletin Board

Try posting notice at a local college bulletin board (at the end of the school year in late spring) and ask if anyone is heading your way. We did this years ago and paid a student $50 to take my grandmother's deacons bench from MD to NH. They brought it wrapped well in quilts tied to the top of a VW. Today, many kids and their parents rent UHauls to get their goods to college and back, so the move would be more professional.

Contact a Moving Company

My mother, from Iowa, wanted to get her piano to my sister in San Francisco. She contacted a moving company. When they had a move to SF, they took her piano along and delivered it to my sister and then delivered the rest of the customer's furniture. This may be a reliable way to transport your cedar chest safely.


There is a website called UShip. It's like eBay for shipping. You can post on there that you have something that needs to be shipped, and people will bid for how much they will charge to transport it for you. You may find somebody who is traveling your way and willing to take the item for you at a good rate.

Leave the Driving to Them

Check Greyhound Express. We have found that if you wrap the item securely, the price can't be beat. Find the listing in the white pages. Drop it off at your local bus station.

Ask for Assistance Online

Check Craig's List and evaluate posting a free message to ask for assistance. Offer to pay for a portion of gas cost for anyone driving from a nearby location in Ohio to a nearby location in Oregon.

Look into "LTL" Shipping

You may want to check with a trucking company in that region or in your area. Ask them if they do any "LTL" (Less-Than-Load) shipping. They may have a partial truckload already slated to head in your direction. If so, the original shipper is already paying for the truck and your partial load will just be a "bonus" to the company. Therefore, they should be willing to offer you a deep discount.

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Send by Rail

I had a large doll house that I wanted to ship from AZ to WI. UPS would not take it because it was too big, and FedEx wanted over $125 to send. So, I sent it by rail. This cost $35 and it arrived in WI in three days from Albuquerque in perfect shape. The only thing was that it had to be sent from a large terminal. I did have it packed very sturdy.

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