Grocery Store Tactics

by Faye Prosser

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Every grocery store hopes that you will do most, if not all, of your shopping at their location. Many use tactics that entice the shopper to stay longer and buy more. It is important for you to understand what those tactics are and avoid being taken by them. Remember that these tactics are not evil techniques designed to drain your bank account of every dollar and leave you flailing financially. Marketing to increase sales is their job. Your job is to learn the skills that allow you to make wise choices that are not influenced by clever marketing. Following are some methods stores use to get you to spend your money at their location:

What's That Wonderful Smell?! - Stores bake fresh bread, cookies, chicken, and all sorts of tasty prepared foods right there in the store. The smell of those items is often enough to get you to buy whatever it is they are cooking. Stay away from the prepared deli foods and your grocery bill will not burst your well-prepared budget!

Store Layout - Stores often put the more expensive brand-name products at eye-level, where they will be easily seen. To find the store brand and clearance items, you need to look on the higher and lower shelves.

Is It Really on Sale? - Be aware that stores often place non-sale items on the same fancy display as sale items. Their hope is that you will pick up both items, especially if the non-sale item is usually used with the sale item, such as ketchup with hot dog buns.

Package Size - Bigger is not always better. When a store has a monster size package of an item you want to purchase, remember that just because something is packaged in a larger box or a multi-pack does not mean that you are getting a better deal. Remember to figure out the price per unit to see which size package is the best buy.

Checkout Lines - If you have children, try to stay away from the checkout lines with candy or toys. It will cut down on the whining and begging from your children and the impulse shopping you may do just to appease them. The same thing goes for adults who have a weakness for chocolate!

Faye Prosser is the author of The Smart Spending Guide. She teaches people how to budget, reduce debt, and save money on groceries and everyday purchases. Faye regularly conducts college courses and workshops at community colleges, parks and recreation departments, women's clubs and religious groups.

With the Smart Spending Grocery System, Faye's family saves well over 50% off their weekly grocery bills and they are on track to pay off their mortgage before their children even start high school!

Faye's education and experience include a master's degree in Human Resources Development and over 15 years in human resources management, training and consulting. She and her husband and their children live in beautiful North Carolina with a dog, two cats and many fish. For more information on The Smart Spending Guide, see

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