Ways to control clutter in your home

Readers Respond: Dejunking Your Home

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We welcome your opinions. These are some comments/ideas that readers wanted to share. Link to original article here.

Start with a Bare Room

Another way to control clutter is to start with a bare room! We just moved into a new home and 2/3 of our stuff is still in the basement. We made a commitment that we would only bring up and furnish our rooms and closets with items we really need. We won't bring up home decor just to fill space. I was amazed at how much "stuff" was still in the basement! After being in the house for several months now, I can get a better handle on what can go to Goodwill or on eBay. We also have a child who will soon be going off to college and all of the old mismatched chairs and other furniture will help to stretch that first apartment budget or furnish a room for the kids to hang out in the basement. You may also find what used to work in one room, now works better in another. I also use color coded bins for seasonal decor. Orange for fall/Halloween, Red and Green for Christmas, Clear for spring and summer. Easy to find and pull out and easy to store. Now if I could just get an elevator to the basement!
Sharon in Loganville

Take the Tax Deduction

You didn't mention donating to the Salvation Army and taking a tax-deduction is usually worth more than you could make selling your clothes.

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